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American Roots Music Education is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation formed in 2004. The mission of our organization is to advance awareness and appreciation of American roots music, its history, and culture by providing educational opportunities for people of all ages to learn about these unique kinds of music.

American roots music is music that developed in the United States and includes styles such as bluegrass, jazz, Tejano, blues, folk and Native American music. These types of music are usually not well covered in school textbooks, discussed at any length in classrooms, or available to the community in public, family-oriented venues, yet the music is important to all Americans since it reflects our diversity as a society and our cultural history.


The organization provides inter-active performances and educational programs for students in public and private schools and other organizations such as community centers and after-school programs, primarily in the Middle Tennessee area.

We pay for the services of professional musician-educators, sound technicians and equipment rental, and a program coordinator for this activity. We also produce and distribute written educational materials to teachers. These activities constitute the majority of our total annual budget.

We also occasionally produce public concerts and educational presentations of American roots music for audiences of all ages.


Our activities are supported by contributions and in-kind donations from individuals and corporations. We also seek grant funding from foundations, state and municipal governments. Whenever possible programs and presentations are provided at no charge. If a charge is necessary, it is the minimal amount required to cover expenses.


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